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Monday Level 2 

Monday Level 2 Jazz.jpg


"What We Got"

Tights: Tan Stirrup

Shoes: Tan Jazz Boots

Hair: High pony bow on top


"Hair in the Air:

Tights: Tan Stirrup 

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes

Hair: High ponytail bow on top

Level 2 Ballet & Lyrical Monday.jpg



Tights: Pink

Shoes: Pink Ballet Shoes

Hair: High Bun hair piece in front of bun


"Little Voice"

Tights: Tan Stirrup 

Shoes: Turners

Hair: low ponytail hairpiece on top of pony

Level 1&2 HH Monday.jpg


"That's What I'm Talkin' Bout" 

Shoes: Black Tennis Shoes with black socks

Hair: High ponytail with bow on top

Level 1 & 2 MT Monday & Wed.jpg

Musical Theater 

"Under the Sea" 

Tights: Tan Stirrup

Shoes: Tan Jazz Boots

Hair: High ponytail with hairpiece on top

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