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Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is a style of dance that blends ballet and jazz dance.  Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz.  A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy, and anger.  Lyrical Dancers usually perform to music with lyrics…the lyrics of the chosen song serve as inspiration for movements and expressions.  Music used for lyrical is typically emotionally charged and expressive.  Music may consist of many genres including pop, rock, and hip hop.  Powerful, expressive songs are often used in lyrical dance to give dancers a chance to express a range of strong emotions through their dancing.  Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another, holding finishing steps as long as possible.  Leaps are exceptionally high and soaring, and turns are fluid and continuous.

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