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Merchandise Orders

We will be offering the chance for you to purchase Premier Dance Academy merchandise for your dancer! It is the perfect gift for the holiday season.  All merchandise is final sale and will not be able to be returned for sizing. Please ensure you order the correct size for your dancer.

Place your order by Tuesday, November 21st. All items will be billed to your account. Click here to view a picture, sizes, and description of the items available to order! 

Important Reminders: 

*For sizes, please do not just enter Small, Medium, or Large. Please indicate if you would like youth or adult. *

1. If you are ordering the Zippered Hoodie, please ensure you complete the Name for Customization Box below. 

2. When adding multiple sizes for the same item, please separate the sizes with a comma example: 

Item - Premier T-Shirt - Qty. 2 - SA, XLC

3. If ordering the beanie, please enter N/A for size. 

4. If ordering a jersey, please enter the name and year for customization.

Most dancers do their last name and graduation year.


Please email us with any questions at 

Merchandise Orders

Thanks for your order!

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